Of Course: A New COVID Variant Has Arrived Just in Time – PJ Media

The first time Biden declared victory in the war on COVID-19 was on Independence Day last year, and he did so again Tuesday night. “Thanks to the progress we have made this past year, COVID-19 need no longer control our lives,” he said.

But are we getting our hopes up that things will start returning to normal?

“Just as Omicron fades, a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 has now been detected in every U.S. state,” reports Joseph Curl at the Daily Wire. “The variant, which didn’t get its own Greek letter name and is known simply as Omicron BA.2, is more contagious than its brother, but vaccines are effective against it.”

According to Fortune magazine, this new subvariant was originally discovered in Europe earlier this year and is now “becoming the leading strain behind new coronavirus infections in at least 18 countries.”

“A study from Denmark, where stealth Omicron rapidly became the dominant lineage of the virus, sampled 263 cases of COVID reinfection from stealth Omicron in the country, and found that reinfections were nearly four times as common for people who had recovered from the Delta variant than those who had come down with Omicron,” Fortune says. “The good news from the Danish study is that prior infection with Omicron and vaccination seemed to be enough to provide abundant protection to the new strain.”

Even so, maybe it’s too early to start burning your masks … if you’re the kind of person who follows mask mandates.