Omicron symptoms on your skin: The six signs you could have Covid – Express

Omicron appears to produce milder symptoms compared to previous strains of the virus, in fact, many of those infected won’t display any symptoms at all. But many Brits may have been unaware they were spreading the disease as they failed to spot these six lesser-known signs of the virus. Here are the six distinctive symptoms associated with the Omicron variant.

Most Britons associate Covid with the main symptoms listed on the NHS website, these are: a new persistent cough, a loss of smell or taste or a high temperature.

Although the NHS states these are still the main symptoms of Covid, new data suggests Omircon produces symptoms similar to the common cold, such as a runny nose, headaches or feeling fatigued.

However, the ZOE Covid study has helped to find far more symptoms associated with the virus than have been previously identified.

Increasingly, those testing positive for the Omicron strain are reporting these six skin conditions.

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Covid toes

Although this symptom isn’t listed on the NHS website “Covid toes” have been a known symptom of the virus for quite some time, it was commonly reported with those who contracted Omicron’s predecessor – the Alpha variant.

Toes can appear red, purple, inflamed or sometimes with a rash. This skin condition can be sore and itchy, with blisters and swelling.

Chapped or sore lips

As Omicron symptoms are increasingly being compared to the flu, it will come as no surprise that many have reported chapped or sore lips.

Dry skin

Experts at CovidSkinSigns have said many Britons have reported dry skin which can be compared to eczema on their neck and chest.

They state: “This rash appears on the neck and on the anterior part of the chest at sites exposed to sunlight.

“It is usually quite pink and is very itchy. It can appear at any time during or after the infection and usually lasts a long time.”


Hives rash

Another sign seems to be a type of rash that appears as raised bumps on the skin. This has been compared to a hives rash.

Chilblain style rash

One symptom has been compared to chilblains. This rash produces purple or red sore patches that can stick out as raised bumps on this skin.

Often younger people are reporting this symptom and this skin condition isn’t thought to be itchy.